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WBR-181 Mile Relay Day 2

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May 31, 2007



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Running Accomplishments:

Marathon Top 10 Finishes: 7 Bridges ('15), Utah Valley ('13), Salt Lake City ('08), Top of Utah ('07), and St. Louis ('04). Ran around the equator (24901.55) in 4,388 days.

Personal Records
Marathon 2:39 (SLC '08)
1/2 Marathon 1:12.30 (Provo River, aided '08)
10K 34:16 (Track, sea level '00)
10K 33:15 (Des 10K, aided '08)
8K 25:32 (Crack of Dawn, aided '13)
5K 16:44 (Track, sea level '00)
5K 16:07 (Running of the Leopards, aided '12)

Short-Term Running Goals:

NYC Marathon November 3, 2019 done 

London Marathon April 26, 2020

Tokyo Marathon 2021???...

And my largest challenge to date, raise $20,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in honor of my cancer survivorship and in memory of those lost to blood cancer...


Long-Term Running Goals:

Enjoy being a Masters Runner.

Get under 3 hours one more time...


Grew up outside Chicago and joined the blog while I lived in Salt Lake City. Now living outside Birmingham. I am married with two daughters. Wife thinks I'm crazy for doing marathons. And yes I am crazy I'm a scientist for a living...

Miles:This week: 6.50 Month: 57.75 Year: 2232.25
RM 090416 Lifetime Miles: 135.71
Brooks Launch Gray #17 Lifetime Miles: 273.00
Brooks Launch Silver A #18 Lifetime Miles: 272.25
Brooks Launch Silver B #19 Lifetime Miles: 268.00
Saucony Rides Blue #23 Lifetime Miles: 267.75
Saucony Rides Black A #24 Lifetime Miles: 262.00
Saucony Rides Black B #25 Lifetime Miles: 262.25
Saucony Type A Lifetime Miles: 76.50
Race: WBR-181 Mile Relay Day 2 (13.16 Miles) 01:29:13, Place overall: 2
Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTrainer 1 MilesTrainer 2 MilesRacer MilesTotal Distance

WBR-Day 2. After my half hour of sleep we were off again. I felt better after getting some rest. I only did another mile warm-up before my second leg. This leg was my longest and slightly up hill. The temp had also dropped a considerable amount (to ~45F). I got out and wore gloves and a headband. Dave came in at 2:50AM and I nearly missed him, the volunteers never called out our number. Then I was off and moving and warming up quickly. This leg the goal pace was only 6:10 so I felt comfortable even with the slight uphill grade. I probably should have pushed the first half a little more but just wanted to stay in a groove. The first mile was 6:04 and I felt good about the effort. The next mile was 6:02 and I was really happy. The next mile was more of the same 6:06 (this portion of the course climbed from ~5400ft to ~5500ft). I started to get a little too hot at this point and took off my headband, the problem was that my headlamp also came off I nearly dropped it but caught it just in time. I got the headlamp back on and it was loose I decided not to mess with it and just let the bouncing off my glasses be my “running metronome”… This portion had a couple tight turns to go under an expressway I hit it in 6:17. I’m sure it was slower with the turns, the slight headwind, and messing with the headlamp. For this leg we were starting to get into the thick of the other people and passing the other teams really helps when you are running in the pitch dark, especially when they would go with me for a few steps. Miles 4 and 5 both had short steep climbs and I hit them in 6:25 and 6:11. The final stretch into the exchange was at 5:44 pace. Total 6.13 miles in 37:52.90 Avg. 6:10 HR 177 my total ascent on this leg was 863 ft with 652 ft of descent. In the end I didn’t lose or gain any time for the team with this leg but got 29 “roadkill” (Sasha you are scary with your predictions!!!). I did a half mile cool down at the next exchange.

At the next major exchange I did a little walking around but nowhere near as much as I did at Del Sol and tried to get a little more sleep. I managed about an hour. At this point we were told we were about 40 minutes behind BYU and about 40 minutes up on the Blue team so the main pressure was just trying to hit our marks. My final leg was by far my hardest. It was only 3.7 miles but it was on one of the two hardest hills on the relay named “You’ve got to be kidding” (my leg) and “Ragnar” (the name sake of all the relays hosted by this group and Seth’s leg on which he holds the record). My leg has a nice flat half mile and then climbs nearly 1500 ft in just over three miles. It was warming up and I did a short half mile warm-up and was as ready as I was ever going to be. I was pretty rested considering I’d actually gotten sleep this relay and really wanted to do my best. Dave came in at 8:48AM and I was off. As I said the first half mile was flat and I took advantage of it. Then I hit the hill, literally I ran right into it and fell down. Not really but my quads immediately locked up with the climbing. I just tried to power through it and focused on quick turnover. Mi 1 6:54. The next mile was all up and the road changed to a dirt/gravel mixture of which I got to breath in a lot of it. There were a few people to work off of and the van was super-supportive as I struggled to “run” up this thing. Mi 2 8:58. My projected time for this leg was supposed to be 8:35 pace and I was seeing that slip away but I was trying not to look at my watch and just push as hard as I could. The next mile was in 10:38 and in all honesty that was about as hard as I could push. This mile had some evil spots where it would start to level off but about the time I could get some leg turnover it would start to climb again, really messed with my muscles… The final stretch into the exchange I ran at 8:48 pace. Total 3.57 miles in 31:30.83 Avg. 8:50 HR 176 with 1574 ft of ascent and only 177 ft of descent only got 4 “roadkill”. I “lost” the team nearly 54 seconds on this leg. Back into the van and cheering on the truly superhuman performance of Seth on his climb up Ragnar. Did one mile cooldown between the next two exchanges.

Mi 13-flats

After some more great performances by the remaining guys in the van we crossed the finish line in 17 hrs and 54 min finishing in second place and finishing 35 min behind BYU out of 545 finishing teams. Not too shabby for a bunch of mostly married guys with kids and jobs versus a bunch of NCAA DI college athletes. We also finished almost 1 hr exactly in front of the FRB Blue team. Great races by all. Thank you to everyone on both teams and to all the other bloggers that I met on other teams and in route as volunteers. I also have to thank Paul for the entry and Sasha and Steve H for the sponsorship. Also, a special thank you to Harold Nez for agreeing to volunteer and help set up the finish area even though we wasn’t able to see any of the race. I hope to be a part of another fine relay with the FRB. The relays are tough and though I would have to say winning Del Sol and the drives down and back were more fun than this experience I still had a great time this weekend and am glad I did it and am happy that I was a part of another great team. I'm sure I'm going to remember about 1000 things I did and just forgot amongst the sleep deprivation so if I didn’t add the detail or forgot to mention someone sorry.

Asics DS-Trainer #1: 280 / / Asics DS-Trainer #2: 281 / / Saucony Rides #1: 287 / / Saucony Rides #2: 290 // Adidas Adistar (flats): 175

Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 1.50Total Sleep Time: 1.50Weight: 0.00
From James on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 00:13:48

Del Sol was more fun because I was on you team! Way to run this weekend!

From James on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 00:14:18

That should say your team!

From Metcalf Running on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 00:46:06

I was on one of the early slow teams. I ran the same legs as you. All I can say is WOW I'm impressed with your speed!!!


From Chad on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 01:39:27

Nice work on the toughest leg, Adam. I have seen that route. It is vicious! thanks for the company on the ride.

From jtshad on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 08:02:10

Great running Adam, this was one tough run! I can't believe your performance on your last leg, excellent work!

Great to finally have the beer with you, let's make sure to get a few more in soon.

From Jon on Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 09:52:28

Nice job, Adam. I was laughing at your "running metronome". And YHGTBKM is a tough, tough leg. Next relay we'll have to be in the same van together.

From AdamsMom on Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 18:48:17

I never thought that I would be so happy that you had roadkill. WAY TO GO!!! Glad that you made it in one piece. Love you.

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